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Eating healthy in Sin City

Wednesday, June 20, 2012 1:51:15 PM

Between rich desserts and cream- or butter-heavy entrees, it can be hard to eat healthy while on vacation. So after you've picked up your car rental in Las Vegas, don't immediately head to the nearest all-you-can-eat-buffet.

Your way or the highway

You've worked hard for your vacation, so why not have your meal the way you like it? The National Restaurant Association stated that diners should not be uncomfortable asking for a meal to be specifically prepared, as the industry is one whose aims are in the realms of hospitality and customer service. If you are particularly interested in that turkey burger, why not ask that it be baked or broiled instead of fried?

Nothing but health

If you can't find what you want on a particular eatery's menu, simply head to one of Las Vegas' many other healthy-eating spots. The city's number of organic, vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants guarantee you'll have a range of items to choose from. The Go Raw Cafe, for example, offers a number of "living cuisine" items and juices that are sure to make you feel refreshed and revitalized. From toast served with coconut butter and mango jam to salads peppered with fresh kale, tabouleh and sun dried tomatoes, the number of flavors you'll experience with these dishes will leave nothing to desire by way of fats or added sugars.

For a healthy treat, head to the Red Velvet Cafe, a bakery where Paninis are served up hot and fresh and the delectable cupcakes and cookies are all vegan, you can feel good sinking your teeth into this restaurant's comfort food options.

Make the splurges worth it

Eating healthy is important, but you are on holiday, so an occasional indulgence now and again is completely acceptable. You've earned it! If you're trying to stay in shape, you probably don't want to go overboard, but one treat per day won't stretch your waist line. So a scoop of ice cream from Cafe Gelato during lunch means you've got to pass on the French silk pie after dinner.

Walk it out

After a big meal, the best way to reduce any feelings of gluttony is by going for a walk . No matter whether you are on the new strip or the classic parts of Vegas, you're sure to find a number of exciting sights along the way. Catch a free water show (set to music) in front of the Bellagio; visit Paris, France or New York, New York, both full of replicas from the actual cities; or even take a shopping break through the many shops inside Caesar's Palace.

If the Nevada heat is too much to handle, why not head to the pool? Almost every hotel in the city is equipped with a great outdoor area, so there's no reason not to enjoy the weather while keeping cool with a nice swim.

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