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Rekindle with your sweetie in paradise

Friday, June 15, 2012 4:41:46 PM

So you've spent a few days on the road after picking up your car rental in Honolulu. This is truly a land of paradise, but after spending 24/7 with your spouse, you're starting to get on each other's nerves. While we've all had a few tizzies with our significant other during a vacation, a journey to this tropical destination is also a perfect time to rekindle the passion in a relationship.

To keep from fighting, couples can use some of these easy tips:

Small gifts carry much meaning

Although a trip to Hawaii is in and of itself a romantic "gift", small presents peppered throughout the experience can show your partner how much you care about him or her. Things like a single rose, a small box of chocolates, or surprising them with their favorite breakfast in bed - or a bowl of Loco Moco, since you are in Hawaii - can speak volumes about how much you care.

Step away from technology

Even in paradise, it can be difficult to pull yourself away from your smartphone or tablet, but once you've "cut the cord," you're sure to experience some great benefits. Now that the small rectangular device has been removed from your ear, you can take a tour of the USS Arizona Memorial, hike on Diamond Head or play a few rounds of golf. By limiting your technological engagement, you'll have more chances to make time for romance. After an internet-free day, you're likely to not even care about your email inbox.

Don't overthink it

If you're a parent, you've likely spent years planning vacations down to the most minute details. When it's just you and your spouse, you should feel free to let loose a little bit. While you both will assuredly have a few must-see destinations on your list, Honolulu offers much to explore, so let your wanderlust take over for a little. Honestly, is there anything more romantic than exploring an unknown area with your loved one? Get lost in the sweet floral aromas of Foster Botanical Garden, enjoy a passionate smooch beneath Manoa Falls or embark on an impromptu sunset walk along one of the region's many stretches of sandy beach.

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