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Rental Cars or Cabs? Which Option Fits You Best

When planning any kind of getaway, it’s important to consider ahead of time how you’re going to get around. Rental cars seem to be the obvious choice because of the freedom they offer. However, taxi cabs can sometimes be a better idea, depending on what part of the country or world you will be traveling.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before deciding which option is best for you:

  • Where will I be traveling? Taxis are great when you’re staying in highly concentrated areas like New York. Since most places are within walking distance, one cab ride from the airport to your hotel is likely all you’ll need. If you’re traveling to a city that’s spread out, like Phoenix, a rental car makes more sense.
  • What kind of driver are you? Taxis are an excellent solution for travelers who are nervous about driving in a big metropolis or a strange city. But consider this: These days, rental cars often come with navigation systems that make it easier to get around.
  • How patient are you? Rental cars offer you the ability to travel on your terms, whenever you choose. It may take longer to hail a cab or have a driver respond to your call.
  • Will you be traveling with your family? If you’re traveling with kids or babies, a rental car is almost essential. Consider car seats, toys, and other items necessary for vacationing with young ones.
  • Do you need to stay on a certain budget? With rental cars, you know what your costs will be ahead of time, so there’s no guess work involved. With added tips and unexpected trips or traffic jams, the cost of a taxi can easily fluctuate.
  • What kind of entertainment is on the agenda? If you’re going spend a lot of time at night clubs or bars, a cab offers the peace of mind of always having a designated driver.

When it comes to weighing the pros and cons of cabs and rental cars, it really depends on your individual situation. Be sure to do your homework before deciding on what mode of transportation works for you.

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