Fleet Update

Fleet Update

In 2010, we are very pleased to provide our customers lower fuel costs from our fleet’s improved efficiency!

Ford FusionOctober 2009, Dollar Thrifty announced that it had substantially diversified its fleet mix for 2010 model year vehicles across a wider range of vehicles and suppliers. Over 40% of the Company’s 2010 model year purchases have mile-per-gallon ratings (MPG) of over 30 mpg (highway). Additionally, the Company expects to realize over a 10% improvement in the fleet’s average mileage, resulting in the Company’s customers consuming fewer gallons of gasoline on an annual basis and saving our customers in fuel costs.

Among the eco-friendly vehicles new to Thrifty’s fleets are the Ford Fusion, Motor Trend’s “Car of the Year”, Chevy Malibu and Aveo, Nissan Versa and Hyundai Sonata. Based on customer demand, we also maintain a full fleet of full-size cars, SUVs and vans.

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