2 tips for getting work done on airplanes

11/26/2014 11:19:10 AM

To make the most of your business travel, you probably want to get some work done in transit - why waste those hours staring out the window when you could be furthering your professional life? Check out these tips for advice on how to turn hours spent traveling into productive work time. 

1. Do as much as you can on paper 
It seems like everything is online these days, but chances are there is still some work you can get done using the old-fashioned system. Print out important documents before boarding so you can review them without worrying about spotty airline WiFi or needing to balance a cumbersome computer on your lap. Electronic devices also need to be charged, whereas you can sit with paper documents your entire journey without worrying about where your power cord is. 

2. Pick your seat ahead of time 
Even without bulky electronics, trying to accomplish anything while sitting in the middle seat is nearly impossible. Maybe you prefer the window seat so you can remain largely sedentary while you work. Perhaps you would rather the aisle, so you can go for short walks to keep your mind fresh and energy level high. Either way, make sure to select a comfortable option ahead of time if this option is available to you. 

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