3 tips for the diabetic business traveler

4/30/2014 4:41:55 PM

Diabetes is a serious condition that affects some 26 million Americans. Living with this disease requires a healthy lifestyle that must be maintained even during business travel. If you're a diabetic hitting the road for work, follow these tips:

Bring your diabetes supplies
Remember to pack your insulin, syringes, blood sugar monitor and other necessary items in your carry-on, where they're in easy reach in case of an emergency during the flight. Keep in mind that the Transportation Safety Administration has regulations on what can be carried through security, but remember that you have a right to bring your diabetes-related medication, liquids and equipment aboard.

Carry your medical paperwork
You don't need your prescriptions or a doctor's note to carry your medications on the plane, but you may need them in your destination. You never know when you'll lose your pills or a piece of equipment will break.

Have snacks on hand
Keep fruit and other healthy sweets on hand when you're out of town in case you experience a dip in blood sugar. You may want to keep a snack in your suitcase as well as in the glove box of your long term car rental.

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