3 tips for getting to your gate

7/23/2014 4:21:39 PM 

As a business traveler, you know how stressful the airport can be, from pushing through the crowds to making your way through customs. But there are simple ways to speed up the process, such as these suggestions:

Don't wear jewelry

Before going through the screening process at the airport, you must take off all jewelry. Rather than wasting time removing items and then putting them back on, keep such items in your luggage. You'll also be asked to take off scarves, hats, sunglasses, belts and other accessories.

Check in online

Don't wait at the ticket counter or in line for the kiosk when you arrive at the airport. Use the online check-in service so you can simply print out your ticket from home 24 hours before your flight.

Use your phone for customer service

Waiting in the customer service line at the airport is a big time drain. Instead, use your smartphone to check the status of your flight, gate information and other concerns. If there's a problem you can't resolve with the help of the Internet, use your phone to call customer service, which may be faster.



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