Airplane etiquette: Being respectful of other people's space

10/9/2014 7:12:57 PM

Whether you're going out of town for business travel or vacation, it's important to follow good social conduct when on a flight. After all, travel is far from a picnic, what with the hassle of lengthy security lines, balancing bulky luggage through crowds and then cramming into a tight space like a pack of sardines. To make sure you're being respectful of other people's space while aboard the plane, follow these etiquette guidelines:

Don't hog the overhead
Keep in mind that the overhead bin is for everyone. Limit your overhead storage to one bag and place it perpendicularly to maximize the space for others.

Stay upright for meals
Seats seem to get smaller and more cramped with each new airplane design, so save others from frustration by staying upright in your seat during mealtime. Reclining can make the dining experience very uncomfortable for the person behind you.

Defer to the flight attendant
If you're encountering an issue with another passenger, don't argue with him or her. Instead, leave it up to the flight crew to resolve the issue and avoid furthering the dispute to an unnecessary level. After all, you don't want to call negative attention to your company as a business traveler should the other passenger try to start a fight.

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