Boston: Enjoy attractions, old and new

11/13/2014 8:15:50 AM

Are you a history buff who also enjoys taking in some modern culture from time to time? If so, make the most out of your New England business trip with a stop in Boston. This coastal city is packed with fun things to do - new and old. Just hop in your car rental and pick a direction! 

Take a break from work and check out some of the exciting things this area has to offer:

The Freedom Trail 
This walking tour of Boston is a great way to start your trip - not only does it provide you with an historical context for many of the city's important landmarks, but it's a great way to take in all the sights. This 2.5-mile walk follows a red brick trail that extends through the center of the city and points out 16 historical sites. Some of the biggest draws of the tour include the Boston Common and Massachusetts State House.

Institute of Contemporary Art 
After exploring the past, how about taking a look into the future - of art, that is. Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art opened in 2006 and has been wowing seasoned art critics and new fans alike ever since. Located on Boston's picturesque waterfront, this museum showcases the best talent in contemporary art, including film, music and performance pieces. The organization is surrounded by a number of parking lots, making it easy to access by driving. 

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