Business travel tips for winter trips

1/6/2014 2:29:07 PM

As the country experiences frigid temperatures, it's a good reminder for business travelers that going out of town during winter can require special preparation. In fact, workers going to Chicago, one of the country's top hubs for business and industry, are experiencing a dangerous cold and record-breaking snowstorm. To make your winter travel both safer and more pleasant, follow these basic tips:

Book your flight right
While they may be more expensive, direct flights are ideal during winter. If this isn't an option, aim for a departure time that's early in the day so you have a better chance of finding another flight in the event of a cold weather delay. Additionally, you can try to book through an airline that has plenty of flights going to your destination, which will increase your chances of re​-booking in the case of a cancelation.

Drive smart
After getting in their car rentals, workers often head off to their hotels without a second thought. But icy roads require special attention, so be particularly careful when behind the wheel during the winter. It's advised that you keep the gas tank full so that if you get stranded, you can keep the engine running for heat. You may also want to make sure you have your medications, food, water and blankets with you in case you get stuck for a long period of time.

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