Why do business travelers love Starbucks and McDonalds?

1/20/2014 3:08:56 PM

One of the best parts about being a business traveler is learning about the history and culture of new places, whether you're traveling to domestic or international locales. You have access to cafes and eateries that you may never come across again, allowing for a truly unique regional culinary experience. However, it seems that many who go out of town for work stick to their local go-tos: McDonald's and Starbucks.

Travel and expense report management company Certify published a report that revealed the eating choices of business travelers for October through December 2013. It found that those on the road for work most commonly went to Starbucks for breakfast. In fact, 14 percent reported eating at the coffee shop, spending $8.44 per meal on average. When it came to lunch and dinner, business travelers were drawn to McDonald's, spending an average of $7.19 to $7.47 for these meals.

Many might expect that people are drawn to these establishments because of their familiarity. However, Certify chief executive Bob Neveu notes that the main reasons people go to these fast-food places are their speediness, convenience and, in many cases, free Wi-Fi.

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