Practice courteous driving while on a business trip

While driving a rental car on a business trip, it can be easy to be so focused on the roads and your meetings that you forget your very basic driving etiquette. Lack of sleep and an unhealthy diet are the two biggest challenges of traveling for business. Add that on top of preparing for a presentation or meeting new colleagues and it’s easy to see the importance in reducing stress while driving your car rental. Follow these helpful business travel tips below to reduce stress while on the road.

While on business travel, you are already in unfamiliar territory, so to avoid an expensive traffic ticket, make sure you're aware of the posted limit. What may be the normal highway speed in your home state may be up to ten miles faster or slower than the state you're in for business travel purposes, so keep your eyes open for speed limit signs.

Even if you’re running late for your meeting or hit unexpected traffic, staying calm and collected is the safest option. It can be tempting to retaliate against uncourteous drivers, but just like driving at home, safety should be top priority and letting the little things pass will keep your mind in the right place for the meeting. If you have a straight time frame, be sure you allow yourself extra time.

Lastly, while it can be tempting to spend time checking on client contacts, don't text, email or do any other forms of work when you rent a car. In addition to diverting the driver’s attention from the road and other cars, in many areas of the U.S. using a phone while driving is illegal.

No matter what region you're traveling in, being courteous on the road is just as important as staying well-mannered in your big meeting.


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