Delays among biggest concerns for business travelers

1/14/2014 5:25:47 PM

You might think that finding an affordable hotel or shopping for car rentals would be among the biggest stressors for business travelers. However, recent research shows that people who hit the road for work actually worry most about delayed flights.

According to a survey by Travel Leaders Group, travel agents reported that their business clients are most often worried with how interrupted flight schedules will affect their trips compared to other issues. Other major areas of concern were seat availability, costs of tickets, difficulty of going through security checks and earning frequent flyer miles. Many travelers also found availability of Wi-Fi while in the air to be a troublesome matter.

While canceled or delayed flights are largely out of passengers' hands, there are things you can do to ensure the smoothest trip possible. For example, booking your flight early in the morning means that in the case of a flight schedule issue, you're more likely to obtain a seat on a flight later that day and make it to your destination on time. Additionally, those who do experience delays can contact their hotels and car rental companies to make sure their reservations are still available when they arrive in town late.

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