Tips for driving in a winter storm

12/31/2014 4:26:11 PM

Unfortunately, sometimes you have to go on business travel, no matter the weather. That means, rain or snow, you're on the road. If this applies to you, make sure you take these precautions before taking your rental out:

  • Don't ever pull out of the parking lot with frosted windows; this will further limit your visibility and make you a danger on the roads.
  • Slow down. There's no need to rush, even if you're running late, in bad weather. Take your foot off the gas and slow down to accommodate the conditions.
  • Watch out for signs indicating bridges or other areas along the roadway that may be more prone to black ice.
  • In the event you do hit a patch of ice, do not panic. Geico insurance company recommends taking your foot off the gas rather than breaking.
  • Turn on the local news and traffic radio station to keep up to date with any breaking alerts, such a accidents on your route.
  • Keep a GPS handy in the event your route is interrupted so that you can avoid getting lost.

Winter storms can be scary if you're on the road, so it's always best to stay indoors if possible. If that's not an option, just make sure to exercise the proper precautions.



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