Etiquette tips for traveling with coworkers

Tuesday, October 26, 2012 4:04:26 PM

Solo business travel may be lonely, but the prospect of traveling with your coworkers and/or boss can be downright frightening. From wondering how many glasses of wine are really appropriate to being on your best behavior 24/7, many business travel qualms can be resolved with the help of a little old-fashioned etiquette.

Business travel blog Corporette recommends a few tips for seeming mature, responsible and well-prepared. When flying, try to carry on, rather than check, your luggage. You don't want your boss to be tapping his or her foot while you wait for your bag to come around the baggage claim.

Avoid overindulging - and hence, oversharing. There's nothing wrong with enjoying a few drinks with a coworker, but you'll want to keep your head about you. There's nothing more unprofessional than a coworker who imbibes and then gossips.

"Traveling with someone creates a sense of intimacy," Corporette advises. "Working together, flying together and eating meals together can foster a sense of closeness that may not hold up once you’re back in the office. Remember, the person you are traveling with is still a co-worker."

Above all, make sure you accomplish the tasks you were assigned to complete. The point of business travel is, after all, business.

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