Exercises for easing stress during business travel

2/21/2014 1:36:47 PM


From booking hotels to setting up meetings, there's a lot that goes into a business travel trip. It can be overwhelming to balance all the tasks that go into a work excursion, and the long lines of the airport and anxiety that often comes with flying only add to the stress. If you find yourself feeling tension while on the road for your job, try these stress-busting techniques:

When making your travel agenda, set aside some time each morning of your trip for brisk physical activity. Exercise is a proven way to relieve stress - it not only releases endorphins through your body, but it can increase self-confidence and help you sleep better at night, which both lead to better mood. Many hotels have gyms where you can workout, but those who are shy of exercising in front of others can engage in some equipment-free activities, such as sit-ups, push-ups and jumping jacks, in the privacy of their rooms.

Meditation is an effective tool in clearing the mind of negative thoughts and helping you gain control of your emotions. If you find yourself experiencing anxiety, take a short break from your hectic day to meditate - sit quietly with your eyes closed and relax your mind, focusing on the present while paying attention to your breathing. This can be done in the mornings before you start your day, but it's also helpful in regaining composure in emergency situations. For instance, if you feel overwhelmed while driving, pull over and engage in some mindful meditation in your long term car rental.

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