Give yourself the gift of productivity in the car this holiday season

Thursday, December 6, 2012 4:53:49 PM

Sometimes when you're on a road trip in a corporate car rental, you're probably wishing you could be doing the work that you left at the office. This holiday season, you can do just that by giving yourself the gift of this year's top gadgets.

Treat yourself to a Bluetooth headset, which will allow you to keep both hands free and still carry on a conversation while driving. This is especially important since many states have banned handheld cell phones in cars. PC Mag suggests people look at the three types of Bluetooth connectivity: mono (single-ear) headsets, stereo headsets that use both of your ears, and speakerphones, which won't connect to your ear but will project voices. Things you should consider when looking for a headset are call quality, noise cancellation, battery life, style, comfort and price.

If you're looking for a new cell phone or apps, purchase one that will also help you get work done. Voice recognition on cell phones allows you to compose emails and texts and place calls without needing to push any buttons. A popular one is Apple's Siri Assistant, a program that can complete tasks like finding restaurants, making reservations and booking taxis, all by your command.

Remember, safety is always the priority when you embark on business travel. Don't use any apps or gadgets that require you to use your hands while driving.

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