Is Google Glass the future of business travel planning?

4/7/2014 5:27:21 PM

Advancements in technology have made business travel a much easier endeavor than it once was. Mobile phones, laptop computers, the Cloud and GPS applications have a made a huge difference for people who go out of town for work, and it seems there's another major development in the works that will make travel even easier: Google Glass.

Internet giant Google is developing a computer that you wear on your head like spectacles. One of the applications being created for the glasses is "Travel Concierge." This program, which is expected to be introduced to the world in France by the end of 2014, will display a hologram of a talking, lifelike travel agent through the device's optical display. The app will utilize the user's location, travel information websites and other Google data to make travel suggestions.

Users can also take advantage of filters that let them select their destination. This will be especially helpful for business travelers. You can input your destination and preferences and your "Travel Concierge" will recommend the best flights, hotels, car rental companies and other travel-planning features, depending on your specific needs.

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