How to eat healthy on the road

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 5:57:52 PM

When your business travel plans include days packed with client meetings and using car rentals to speed from building to building, it can be difficult to keep up your healthy eating habits. Want to know the secret to eating healthy on the road? Follow these tips:

1. Hit the grocery store
Vending machines and airport vendors are not your friends when it comes to maintaining a balanced diet on business trips, so head to the grocery store the second you get into town. Stocking up on healthy snacks like carrots and nuts will help you avoid fast food temptations (and save money).

2. Opt for fruit over pastries
Attending client meetings invariably means staring down the delicious plate of pastries looming in the conference room, but don't give in! Opt for the fruit platter instead, and you'll have more energy throughout the day.

3. Eat small amounts frequently
The key to staying healthy is eating plenty of small, frequent meals because it signals to your body that it's OK to burn calories quickly. Keeping up your healthy snacking throughout the day will also help you avoid feeling sluggish.

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