Keeping healthy during holiday business travel


During the winter months, we're all doing our best to avoid the office cold and the flu that's going around our children's classrooms. And the more people you're exposed to, the more germs your immune system may have to fight off. So, if you've got business travel on the agenda this month, we're here to help you keep healthy.

First things first, make sure you get the flu shot at your doctor's office or local pharmacy. In fact, the vaccination is free with most insurance. This will decrease your chances of picking up germs on the plane - that may otherwise put you at risk of missing that important client meeting.

Once you're on the plane, there are additional precautions you can take to keep those germs at bay. For instance, pack some sanitizing wipes in your carryon to clean off the armrests and tray table at your seat. Additionally, you may want to bring a bottle of water on the plane - according to Health magazine, keeping hydrated may reduce your vulnerability to bacteria.

Finally, although the holiday season goes hand-in-hand with stress, try to take it easy. Arriving to the airport early, heading to your meeting fully prepared and taking some time to relax can all help to keep you calm.

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