Know these things before you go

4/15/2015 10:54:00 AM 

When partaking in business travel, it is important to know a little about your destination in order have an effective and enjoyable trip. Look into these things before you go:

Not all Internet map websites are created equal and construction always plays a factor in travel, especially around major cities. If you are traveling to an unfamiliar place, be sure to look up directions beforehand using at least two different maps. You may end up using your smartphone to navigate once you get there, but it's very helpful to see the map ahead of time to get a good visual of what the roads look like. 

Places to stop
If you are heading somewhere new, you may want to know a good restaurant or place to stay. This way you will end up having dinner or spending the night somewhere that's great instead of ending up in a not-so-great hotel with mediocre dining options. Talk to friends or even the people you are visiting to see what they suggest. They should have great recommendations that will make your trip easy and enjoyable. You can also check out websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor to see what places have been given high ratings by customers. 

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