Packing tips for business travelers

1/30/2015 5:52:43 PM


Sometimes you have to partake in last-minute business travel. Make your packing frenzy easier by trying these tips:

Bring wrinkle-free clothes
When you think wrinkle-free, do you think awful khaki outfits? Clothing has come a long way since the 90s. Many shirts, pants and ties are available in wrinkle-free versions that are totally appropriate for business travel. When you don't have to wake up half an hour early to iron, you will be glad you packed wrinkle-free clothes!

Use clear baggies
Instead of stuffing all your semi-folded clothes into a suitcase, roll-pack them. Sort by item type (shirts with shirts, etc.) and place each set into a locking clear plastic bag. Also put your toiletries in bags. This allows you to see what each item is and will keep any spillage from seeping into your clothes. Press the air out of each bag before sealing it so that everything compactly fits into your luggage.

Bring dryer sheets
You might not need to do laundry while on the road in your rental car, but it doesn't hurt to smell like you did! Throw a dryer sheet or two into your bag or suitcase and you'll be smelling fresh the entire trip.

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