Tips for safe driving in the snow

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 4:50:21 PM

Winter snowstorms can make for some scary driving during business travel. If your next trip has you heading somewhere with snow on the ground, remember these tips to avoid an accident in your rental car:

1. Drive cautiously
With ice and snow on the roads, it takes extra time for your car to start and stop. Drive more slowly than normal, and give yourself plenty of time to maneuver. If you brake quickly, your car will skid.

2. Steer into the skid
If your car begins to skid, take your foot off the accelerator and turn your steering wheel in the direction the car is moving. If your rental car has anti-lock brakes, do not pump them: Instead, apply steady pressure.

3. Don't spin your wheels
Powering up hills or applying gas if you are stuck in snow will cause your wheels to spin, which will only serve to dig you deeper. If there's a shovel available, clear snow away from your tires and then try rocking the car.

4. Don't drive
If you can avoid it, don't drive at all during a snowstorm. Even if you are a cautious winter driver, others may not be. See if you can postpone your meeting or participate in a conference call instead. Stay safe!

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