Studies reveal the safest and most dangerous driving regions in America

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 11:34:36 AM

When it comes to safe driving, not all places are considered equal. While you've likely become accustomed to being more aware of driving conditions when away, knowing the current automobile accident statistics can help you avoid any fender benders or other mishaps during business trips. 

According to Fox News, Mississippi is the country's most dangerous state for driving. Twenty-seven Mississippians out of 100,000 die each year in automobile accidents, and more than half of the deaths involved seat belt misuse. Mississippi is also one of 11 states where texting while driving is not illegal.

If you're driving in Pennsylvania or West Virginia, you'll want to be on the alert for deer. One hundred thousand deer collisions occur in Pennsylvania alone each year. Given the large deer populations, this isn't surprising. In New Hampshire, 250 moose-car collisions occur annually, even though the state's moose population is only 6,000.

Although many U.S. locations are labeled as dangerous areas in which to drive, there are some shining stars in driver safety. According to Auto Guide, Fort Collins, Colorado, Boise, Idaho, and Lincoln, Nebraska, were the top three safest cities to drive in. The safest driving cities were chosen based on Allstate's America's Best Drivers Report.

Car rental costs are often determined by the likelihood that a driver will get in an accident, so knowing local statistics may help you determine which rental car and safety features you would prefer.

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