School yourself on jet lag

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 6:18:49 PM

Have you ever wondered what it is that causes you to feel completely worn out after traveling from coast to coast? Let's face it, it would be so much easier if you arrived at your destination already adapted to the local time zone. However, many find themselves nodding off while behind the wheel of long-term car rentals.

New research
Doctors at Oxford University may have found something referred to as "molecular breaks," which are believed to be the cause behind drowsiness related to traveling across time zones. In fact, they even discovered that there is a way to reverse the effects - in mice - and allow the brain to adapt to the local time. Researchers who led the study are hopeful that the information they have uncovered may provide support toward creating a new drug that counters jet lag.

In the meantime
However, it may be some time until medications are available to help the body adapt to a drastic time change. So, what's there to do in the meantime? Some individuals have experienced success in changing their schedules a few days before departure to the destination they will be traveling to. Depending on how great the difference in time is, this may not be practical. Instead, be sure to avoid too much caffeine upon arrival and hit the local gym.

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