Technology etiquette tips for business travel

5/5/2014 3:12:26 PM

Whether you're traveling within the country or abroad, it's important to keep basic decorum in mind during business travel. For example, it's important to follow social cues when in another country, such as the proper way to shake hands and table manners specific to your location. Advancements in technology produce a whole new set of etiquette guidelines. Consider these tech tips for your being mindful of others during your excursion:

Don't play audio without headphones
No matter where you are - on the plane or in the hotel lobby - listening to music, conference calls, videos or webinars without headphones in a public place is disrespectful of others around you. Be sure to pack a pair of headphones in your carry-on luggage in case you find yourself in need of sound while in the air.

Save some bandwidth for others
The people around you may not know that you're the one using up all the bandwidth, but it's still a huge inconvenience to others. Avoid streaming videos or using other intensive applications when on a public network. If you know you're going to need to download or upload large amounts of data during business travel, consider investing in a portable hub. Many cell phone carriers offer them for an additional fee to your current plan.

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