Helpful tips to beat jet lag

2/19/2015 2:34:14 PM 

You just got off the airplane while doing some business travel and you're in a very different time zone. Don't succumb to disorienting jet lag. It can make your sleep habits get off-kilter, and you may end up being late for the very important meeting you came for! Try these tips to avoid jet lag and feel like yourself in a different time zone:

Take the window seat
When you have the window seat, you can lean your pillow on the wall and get some sleep. You also won't be interrupted by people in your row that need to go to the bathroom or get up. Try to get this seat on long flights so you can get some rest and be ready to go once you land.

Change your schedule
Have you ever adjusted your schedule for daylight savings time by slowly making changes to your daily routine before the actual time change happens? You can do the same when switching time zones. For several days before you leave, try to adjust your schedule. If the place you're traveling to is six hours later, start five days before you leave and adjust your habits by doing everything an hour later each day. This way, by the time you get to your business travel destination you will be ready to make that last one hour adjustment.

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