How to travel safely with credit cards
7/18/2014 5:55:09 PM 

Whether your employee provides you with a credit card for business travel use or your bring your own, it's important to be smart about about the security of your cards. Keep these suggestions in mind for your next trip:

Notify the issuer

Before leaving on an international trip, notify the credit card company of your destination. Otherwise, the issuer may recognize foreign transactions as signs of fraud and put a hold on your card. Additionally, if your card is used in an unauthorized location, the credit card company can notify you of mysterious charges.

Ask about foreign transaction fees

If traveling abroad, be sure to check with your card issuer about extra fees for using your card overseas. While generally small, these fees can add up quickly, and you might be better off using a different card for business travel.

Bring spare cards

If you have multiple credit cards, it may be wise to bring an extra or two in case the establishment you are paying doesn't require your specific card type. For example, a hotel might not accept American Express, in which case you may need to use your Visa card.

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