Unexpected business travel costs vary by city

Friday, September 21, 2012 3:02:17 PM

When budgeting for business travel, you should be aware that costs will differ by city. Most travel managers are aware of differences in hotel rates, but did you know that cities' costs vary based on other factors?

A recent survey from the Global Business Travel Association revealed that travel taxes can vary widely by both city and state. The most expensive travel taxes are incurred in Chicago, which charges an average of $40.31 per day in travel taxes. New York City, Boston and Kansas City, Missouri, charged the second, third and fourth highest travel taxes respectively.

The cheapest location for business travel? In terms of taxes and surcharges, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers and West Palm Beach, Florida, all tied for least expensive at $22.21 per day.

Business travelers should always be on the lookout for car rental deals, as rental rates can also vary widely by city. A recent industry study revealed that the most expensive city for car rental was Anchorage, Alaska, which charged an average rate of $95 per day. Honolulu, Hawaii, Washington, D.C., Denver and New York City came next. The cheapest locations for rental car rates were Los Angeles and Las Vegas, where the going rate was an average of $35 and $32, respectively.

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