Tips for staying energized during business travel

3/26/2014 11:46:03 AM

From jet lag to simply overworking yourself while on the road, business travel can be hard on the body and leave you feeling tired. But it's particularly important to be alert when in an unfamiliar location. Try these tips for keeping your energy up while out of town:

Cut yourself off from coffee
It may be instinctual to reach for a cup of joe when you're feeling tired, but avoid drinking too much. This is especially important in the afternoon when that extra caffeine will likely keep you up at night and make you even more tired the next day. Instead, opt for refreshing water and an apple for a little vibrancy.

Put the computer away
When bedtime rolls around, shut down the laptop, turn off the computer and place your phone away from you so you can focus on sleep. It's all too easy to get lost staring at a screen before you realize how much sleep you've lost to technology. If you're still having trouble drifting off, try reading a book (in print, not online).

Exercise in the morning
While it's not great for your sleep schedule to work out late at night, getting some brisk physical activity in each morning during your business travel excursion can help you feel vitalized throughout the day. You may find that you feel sharper and have an easier time falling asleep at night.

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