2 tips for saving time on the road

3/3/2014 1:47:44 PM


Even if you schedule your business travel itinerary in advance, it can be easy to run out of time while on the road for work. Emergencies and unexpected situations arise, such as rescheduled meetings and delayed flights, that can make you run behind on your plans. Try these simple tips to save yourself some time while out of town and make your trip go more smoothly:

Expect the unforeseen
Travel emergencies can take up a huge portion of your time when you're conducting business in an unfamiliar location, but there's really no way of avoiding them. However, you can prepare yourself for unexpected situations. Some businesses sign up with travel assistant companies that provide employees with health care services and also take care of some of the urgent problems that can arise, such as a lost passport and flight rescheduling.

Become familiar with your destination
Before heading off  to the airport to catch your flight, do a little research about the town you're going to. Knowing where to find basic amenities, such as ATMs, gas stations, restaurants, dry cleaners and car rental companies, can save you the hassle and time involved with finding these spots once you arrive.

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