Ideas for fun and inspiring business outings

Friday, September 28, 2012 12:34:27 PM

Corporate business travel managers are often concerned with engaging and inspiring their valuable team members. Corporate outings and company events have always centered on golf and dining, but creative travel managers will want to think outside of the box when deciding how to inspire the best results from their teams and potential business partners.

Barrington Hills, a premium Chicago suburb, drew widespread attention for its annual polo match on September 8. Sporting matches reminiscent of times past inspire professionalism and creativity; best of all, no athletic skills are required. Corporate tents and private parties organized around the event to celebrate the fun. Suburban locations just outside of downtown business centers also offer many recreational businesses activities, and are easily reached with the use of a rental car.

A trip to the zoo can also be a fun, unique and thrilling company outing option. Many zoos offer packages that include discounted admission, private shows, corporate meeting rooms and a variety of refreshments or meals.

Other unique corporate event ideas include dinner cruises, kayaking trips, skiing and snowmobiling events and off-road driving parties. United Kingdom-based Cloud9 Living even offers parties in which each employee can chose to ride along in a Indy race car!

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