3 coffee shop stops for business travelers

10/27/2014 9:18:33 PM

Business travel gives employees the opportunity to explore new and culturally rich destinations while on the clock. However, it seems that many stick to the back-home regulars when they go out of town. In fact, Certify recently released a report that revealed Starbucks was the most popular restaurant to show up on travel expense reports. If you're visiting one of the country's major cities, take some time for an authentic, local cup of joe at one of these spots:

G&B in Los Angeles is situated at the Hill Street entrance of Grand Central Market. Indulge in an espresso milkshake, then peruse the rest of the market for food options and a feel of authentic Los Angeles.

Ipsento in Chicago is a small cafe in the Bucktown neighborhood known for creating some of the most original and creative concoctions around. Try the Nutella latte, Cardamom Rose or pumpkin latte made with real pumpkin puree for something rich and indulgent, or stick to the original black cup of coffee.

DTUT in New York City on the Upper East Side serves up some of the best lattes and chai teas in the metropolis. There's also a bar in the cafe that offers beer, wine and cocktails. Business travelers should keep in mind that there is no Wi-Fi on weekends


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