Multi-purpose airports gaining popularity

Friday, April 12, 2013 12:27:57 PM

Gone are the days of airports being no more than a means to an end for those who engage in frequent business travel. With the dawn of multi-purpose airports, the much-dreaded layover before travelers reach their destinations and hop in their airport car rentals is no longer quite so painful.

Airports now take pride in the amenities they offer, from Wi-Fi hotspots to meeting rooms. Some even have hairdressers, pharmacies, dentists and post offices, which can be lifesavers for the business traveler who spends the majority of the year on the road.

According to The Republic, this trend toward multi-purpose airports is about more than making travelers feel comfortable during a layover; it's about the city putting its best foot forward.

"Airports have always been exciting gateways to many communities," Bill Sproule, a civil-engineering professor at Michigan Technical University, told the source. "For many people arriving in your city, that's kind of almost the first impression they get of your city, the experience coming through your airport."

Although the amenities at today's airports range from the more common duty-free shops to elaborate movie theaters, as they continue to compete for the attention of the world's business travelers it's likely that the bevy of offerings will only continue to grow.

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