Millennials take over business travel

11/20/2013 5:42:42 PM

When many people picture business travel, they often think of an older, middle-class male touting a suitcase. But this concept of the employee on-the-go is quickly transforming thanks to an increase in the number of Millennials hitting the road for work.

According to CNN, Millennials - the generation born between 1980 and around 2000 - are quickly becoming the predominant frequent flyers for business trips. These fresh faces are hip, culturally diverse and savvy to the newest technologies. It's expected that, by 2020, they will make up 50 percent of all business flights.

This change in demographic is affecting the way that airlines advertise to customers, as well as how hotels brand their loyalty business programs. For instance, these companies are beginning to market more through mobile applications and developing advertisements to attract a younger crowd. While the older generation may be used to booking in advance, Millennials demand instant service, constant communication and reservations as quick and simple as the click of a button.

"The two things they want different to other generations, is they want spontaneity, and they want to be connected," Facebook's head of travel Lee McCabe told CNN, "This is the generation that is more likely to change travel plans at the last minute, they're more likely to book at the last minute, and they want to be connected 24/7."

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