Don't rush the inspection

6/1/2015 2:43:16 PM

Your meetings are finished, the work is done and it is finally time to head back from a long business trip. Once you bring the airport car rental back to its home, you can be on the way back to yours.

But there is an important step that is worth remembering: the car rental inspection. It's easy to forget, but skipping it can be costly.

Look for everything
The inspection can begin at the start of your trip, when you first rent the car. Look the vehicle over and make sure you note dents, scratches or marks on the outside of the car, or if anything isn't working inside. Alert an employee, so you are not held responsible for these things later on.

At the end of your travels, upon your return to the airport car rental, look over the car again. Make sure no additional damage has been done, so that you are not billed for a U.S. News and World Report guide on car rental stresses the point as well.

"Never assume that a ding is too small to warrant noting or that the car company already knows about damage," the report said. "If it's not listed on the car condition form, speak up."

A thorough car rental inspection can save you money, a reason it should be the last thing you do before flying to your next destination. 



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