How to stay safe, alert and collected on business trips

Monday, October 8, 2012 9:13:42 AM

Staying safe while traveling for business may seem like a no-brainer: When staying in corporate lodging near a lively business district, what danger is likely to present itself? Although business districts are usually quite gentrified, it's best to be constantly aware of your surroundings when you're on the road.

Keep your cell phone handy at all times. Nothing looks worse than when a business associate can't be contacted because he or she has lost a cell phone or is ignoring calls. Even more importantly, talking on your cell phone is a must when you're walking in an unfamiliar city during nighttime hours: Doing so can stave off unwelcome petty criminals.

Another important security icon is a set of keys. If your company uses car rentals, you probably carry both a hotel key and a car key with you while traveling. Yahoo recommends locking your car door behind you, rather than simply clicking a "Lock" button on your keychain. This will encourage you not to lock yourself out of your car. The same idea works for your hotel room: Lock the door as you leave rather than just letting it shut behind you.

If you lose these items on a business travel trip, the Los Angeles Times recommends a few simple steps, like checking your pockets, retracing your steps and, if all else fails, notifying your car rental company, hotel or wireless provider of the loss.

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