3 ways to turn a business trip into a cultural experience

6/9/2014 4:44:14 PM 

When you stop out of your last meeting of the day and get in your long term car rental, don't just head back to your hotel and spend the night watching sitcoms. You may be out of town for business, but you can use your free time to explore the culture of your destination. Follow these guidelines for a more culturally rich experience:

Ask a bartender

If you're looking for something good to eat, stop at a nearby pub and ask the bartender for recommendations. These professionals are generally familiar with the area and hear about the best eats in town from patrons.

Think outside the tourist box

Rather than heading straight to the most popular, world-renowned museum in your destination, opt to visit a small gallery or little-known institution. This can give you the chance to see creations by real natives and gain a greater personal understanding of the area's culture.

Stop by the market square

During your business travels, take some time to visit the destination's main gathering place. For most cities and towns, it's the market square, where you can watch people go about their daily business and haggle with shop owners. It's a unique experience that can introduce you to a more intimate perspective of local society.

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