Business travel tips for the frugal

6/27/2014 5:31:03 PM 

Whether you're an employee on a business travel budget or you own the company, chances are you're looking for ways to pinch pennies. Going out of town for work can put a big dent in your budget every fiscal year, but these helpful tips can help ease your financial woes:

Don't stay downtown

Many of your meetings may be in the city center or business district, but these areas can be very expensive when it comes to lodging. Opt instead to make your accommodations just outside of the downtown area, where hotel rates are generally lower. Then just use your long term car rental for the short trip to the city center. This also makes it easier to explore other parts of the city - with four wheels, you can explore all the outlying neighborhoods in your downtime.

Keep your receipts

Be sure to hold on to receipts for every single purchase you make during your business travels. You may need them to get reimbursed for expenses such as food, Internet access fees and other necessities. Additionally, any money you spend that is not covered by the company may be expensed during tax time.

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