Must-have travel tech tools

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 11:58:48 AM

Looking for a way to make business travel easier? Aside from reserving your car rental in advance and carving out some time to prepare for presentations between meetings, having the right tech tools at your disposal can really give your productivity a boost while on-the-go.

Logitech Cube
This nifty device can fit in the palm of your hand and functions as both a mouse and a presenter. The sleek design doesn't have a scroll wheel or visible buttons - all you have to do is tap its surface to click and swipe it to scroll up or down.

Lantronix xPrintServer
If you prefer to bring your iPad in lieu of a bulky laptop, then this handy portable printer is a must. It automatically configures to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch - just plug it into a power source and Ethernet connection, and you can print from virtually anywhere in the world.

Flipit Travel Surge
If the number of tech devices you rely on for business travel is getting a little out of control, the Flipit Travel Surge can help you make sure there's somewhere to plug everything in in your hotel room. It comes with two USB ports, three power outlets and surge protection.

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