New patent issued for collection of tolls from rental and corporate fleet vehicles

Thursday, August 30, 2012 4:29:42 PM

A new toll collecting system is currently in the works for rental cars. The system will allow business personnel who use a rental car during their meetings with clientele to easily pay tolls that are found along unfamiliar highways. Many current tollways do not allow travelers to pay with cash, so business personnel or rental car companies are often left to cover unpaid tolls as well as the fees that go along with them, which can quickly accumulate.

Rent A Toll Ltd. has been issued a patent for a new tolling model to fit the needs of collecting tolls from rental and corporate fleet vehicles. The toll technology uses a computer-readable medium for billing based on the duration of tolling services provided.

"This patent is just another step in the development of Rent A Toll's overall technology and intellectual property portfolio.  It evidences our technology team's efforts to develop unique and technologically advanced solutions for our rental car, fleet and toll authority partners," stated Rick Welch, President and CEO of Rent A Toll Ltd, which operates Pass24 Prepaid Toll Service for numerous car rental companies. It is the fourth patent resulting from applications filed for models of tolling services to third-party operated vehicles, and will hopefully provide a better driving and business travel car rental experience for business professionals.

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