Technology tips for smoother business trips

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 5:37:13 PM

Technology can be confusing, but when used properly it can also make business travel go much more smoothly. Laptops, mobile devices and internet access are now necessary components of conducting business. Use these technology tips on your next business trip to be more efficient:

Streamline devices
It may not be necessary to lug around multiple digital devices. Rather than taking a heavy laptop and charger on your next business trip, bring a tablet or smartphone. Given the right equipment, you can even hook your tablet up to a projector if you need to make a presentation.

Come with backup
Although technology is meant to make our lives easier, if your laptop runs out of battery or you can't access the internet, it can ruin a day of meetings. Make sure that you have backup internet connectivity, and print out important information before you leave, just in case.

Know your apps
There are tons of apps available on smartphones and tablets that are meant to make the life of a business traveler more productive. Try using TripIt to organize your itinerary and Turboscan to save documents.

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