2 ways to make business travel more efficient

October 17, 2013

From packing your bags to shopping for car rental companies, there's a whole lot to take care of in advance for a work trip. And once the travel commences, there's even more to worry about - balancing daily life and a work schedule in unfamiliar territory can be overwhelming. So try these two simple tips for making your trip more efficient and hassle-free:

Try to shorten check-in time
People who travel worldwide frequently may want to sign up for a pre-check-in service like Global Entry. This program is offered by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and lets you expedite the clearance process if you qualify as a low-risk traveler. There is a $100 application fee, but it can save you countless hours - just think about how much of your time you've spent waiting in line for your bag to be checked.

Keep your bags packed
If your job requires a lot of business travel, it may be beneficial to have a bag packed and ready-to-go at all times. This can be helpful when your boss asks you to take a last-minute trip or even when you just find yourself too busy to properly prepare for travel. Doing so may require you to allot a few sets of work attire specifically for trips. After you return from your destination, simply wash and repack the clothes and replenish your toiletries.

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