Selecting the right hotel location: Business vs vacation districts

7/29/2014 5:26:14 PM 

Business travel can be an expensive endeavor. From the cost of pricey hotel rooms to expenses for meals and other per diems, the price tag for a work trip can add up fast. Cutting costs while you're out of town can help you keep your business afloat or at least make your boss happy. One simple but often overlooked way to save money on lodging is to choose your hotel location wisely. With a little shopping around, you may find that choosing a hotel that's a little out of the way can mean massive savings.

Rather than booking a room in the business district during the week, stick to the vacation district of your destination. For example, if you're visiting New Orleans, avoid the central business and warehouse districts, which attract large numbers of business travelers and increase their rates due to demand. The Garden District or French Quarter tend to offer much lower rates during the week when vacationers are rare. If you're staying in town over the weekend, do the opposite - save money by staying in the business district as opposed to a neighborhood that attracts leisure tourists.

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