Is becoming a member of an airport lounge program right for you?

Monday, January 28, 2013 5:14:17 PM

When you're on business travel, nothing sounds more enjoyable than a quiet room in an airport replete with snacks, comfy chairs and free WiFi. This is what's offered in airport lounges, which can sometimes come at a hefty price. Decide if this luxury is right for you and figure out ways to save your money while still enjoying it. 

Most clubs offer annual memberships in exchange for money or frequent flyer miles. This is good for young travelers who foresee themselves traveling often, or business travelers who often have layovers. However, infrequent flyers will save money and still enjoy the perks of an airport lounge by buying a day pass. Sometimes, you don't even have to belong to a program to be granted access. Some credit cards include complimentary access for cardholders, and people traveling first or business class may also receive access. You can also treat the airport like the boardroom and negotiate for entry into the airport lounge if your travel plans are interrupted due to something within the airline's control, like overbooking of a flight.

If airport lounges make sense for you, they'll be a great way to rest up and take away some of the stress of traveling. Plus, they'll help you feel ready to get on the road in car rentals.

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