How to find the best lodging deals

8/11/2014 6:11:07 PM

As someone who is accustomed to business travel, you know how expensive it can be. That's why you turn to Thrifty Car Rental for low prices on transportation. But when it comes to lodging, you're often left on your own to seek out the deals. Try these tips for finding low rates on hotel rooms:

Compare prices

Comparing rates at hotels is essential to finding the lowest price. Seek out hotels in your area and find the cheapest prices for the best quality, keeping in mind that lower prices may mean fewer amenities that you may need to pay for elsewhere. There are also search engines available online that are specifically geared toward finding and comparing rates at hotels in your destination. 

Search for hidden discounts

If you're a member of the AAA, AARP or other membership, you may qualify for special discounts on lodging during your trip. If your business travel is for a major organization such as the American Medical Association or a conglomerate corporation, it may have arrangements with certain hotel chains to provide travelers with discounted rates.

Consider a hostel

While people traditionally stick to commercial hotels, a growing number of travelers are staying in hostels during their trips. These establishments often have Internet access, showers and other basic amenities, and they cost significantly less than hotel rooms.

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