How to fit in exercise on a business trip

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 4:42:14 PM

Between meetings and client dinners, it can be hard to stick to your exercise routine during business travel. If you're trying to squeeze in a little calorie burning when on the road for work, some of these tips might help:

Pack a bag
Your hotel may not have a gym, or you may not get the chance to use it. Whatever the case, be sure to pack some essential workout supplies in your luggage before leaving home. Grab your swimsuit in case there's a pool to do laps, or maybe you can go for a swim in the local waters. You'll also want to make sure you have exercise clothing, shoes and your MP3 player. Talk to your colleagues or other work associates about fitting in a game of golf or tennis as well.

Wake up early
Just like at home, you're less likely to work out at the end of the day than beginning when on a business trip. Set your alarm at least 30 minutes earlier than you need to be up so you can spend that time fitting in a workout. This will also ensure that you are more alert and focused for the remainder of the day. Plus, you won't feel so bad about enjoying a hearty dinner.

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