What's the best cell phone service provider for business travelers?

3/10/2014 4:20:03 PM

There are a lot of things to worry about when on the road for business travel, and one of the big ones is cell phone service in a faraway location. Especially when going abroad, many people experience little or no service or are hit with massive roaming charges. Some providers are better than others when it comes to traveling for work, so it's important to do the research and find the one that's best for you. Fortunately, Business Traveler magazine conducted a survey to find out which companies offer the best cell phone service.

The Business Traveler survey found that a majority of those who leave town for work tend to like AT&T over all other phone companies. It's interesting news, considering the fact that the provider has been the subject of public complaints lately - consumers have criticized the size of its network and the slow speed at which the company is expanding its service areas. Additionally, the huge popularity of the iPhone has led to that network being heavily swamped by users, which means slower downloads and uploads.

Business travelers don't seem to be focusing on this issue; however, those that were seemed to be drawn to another major name in the industry: Verizon. The provider has a more expansive network, but it hasn't gone without its own set of complaints from consumers - many find that with greater coverage