Helpful tips for sleeping while traveling

1/30/2015 7:03:45 PM

It can be difficult to sleep when you're away from home. Strange sounds and an unfamiliar mattress can really affect your ability to catch some shuteye. Instead of suffering through sleepless nights, follow these tips to getting better sleep while traveling:

Bring your own sound
You don't have to lug a giant machine with you to drown out the noise of a hotel. There are plenty of phone and tablet apps that will fill your room with ambient noise and help you get a good night's rest. You can also try softly playing music or different sounds like falling rain or a stream. They'll calm your mind while disguising the noises around you.

Bring an eye mask
Ever tried to sleep when the light is on? It's not very easy. In hotels you may have the light from a television or from a crack under the door that will interrupt your sleep. Avoid this by bringing an eye mask. You'll be in darkness wherever you are trying to catch some shuteye. They're great for use on planes or in airports, too. Just be sure you wake up in time to catch the next flight!

Take a nap
You may be traveling outside of your time zone and experiencing jet lag. Or you may have had a late night and not gotten enough sleep. If you have a spare half-hour in your busy schedule, try to take a nap. When traveling with a coworker in a long term rental car you can even try to get some rest in the passenger seat of your airport rental car. 


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