Life hacks for your long term car rental

2/5/2015 1:13:50 PM

When you are using a long term car rental it's basically yours for awhile. To keep it clean and in the best condition, try using these hacks that will save you time and money:

Instead of stashing your fast food wrappers and tissues on the ground, purchase an inexpensive plastic cereal container with an easy-open lid. Stow it next to the center console on the passenger side so it's easily within reach. Empty the container whenever you stop for gas.

Dirty headlights
Especially in the winter months, your headlights are going to get dirty and foggy. Instead of using water or snow to wipe them off, try adding a dab of toothpaste to a cloth rag. Rub it onto the lights and you'll have super clean headlights that will actually repel water. Add some furniture polish or car wax for an even better cleaning job.

Quickly cool a hot car
It's no fun getting into a super toasty car in the stifling heat of summer. Don't wait for the AC to run its course, open one window all the way and get out. Shut your door and go to one of the doors that is opposite of the open window. Open and shut that door five times. This creates an air flow to get the warm, stale air out of your long term car rental and bring in new air from outside.


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